This past August, Alloway residents who live on Cobbs Mill Road near the intersection with Earnest Garton Road were dismayed to discover that a contractor had illegally dumped a large amount of construction debris near the creek. The residents alerted the Salem County Health Department, and they began their investigation.

This incident proved to be tricky because there were no identifying pieces of mail or any other evidence to indicate who dumped the debris. However, through excellent detective work, the Health Department was able to identify the contractor responsible. A fine was imposed and that company will not risk illegal dumping in Salem County again!

Inspectors with the Salem County Department of Health and Human Services credit the community in helping to resolve this matter through their vigilance and effective communication.

REMEMBER: Illegal dumping is a crime and nearly impossible to get away with. Fines can be as high as $1,000. Don’t risk it. Dispose of trash and debris properly at your curbside for pickup by your municipality or bring it to the Salem County Landfill for proper processing.

If you witness illegal dumping, please call the Salem County Health Department or the Salem County Improvement Authority immediately so that action can be taken to keep Salem County Clean and Green!