Under the direction of the Landfill Manager, the part time Laborer is to no less than 16 hours and no more the 32 hours weekly. Wednesdays and Saturdays are a must. The part-time Laborer is responsible to perform duties related to laborer well established procedures and other duties as assigned.

The part-time Laborer will be an individual who possesses a background and knowledge in the areas of janitorial and general ground maintenance. The part-time Laborer will be required to perform manual and physical labor, in relation to semi-skilled labor, (such as the operation of grass cutting equipment, maintenance and cleaning equipment, use of simple hand tools, litter pick-up and driving a pick-up truck). The part-time Laborer will be responsible for reporting directly to the Landfill Manager and will work independently and/or in conjunction with other employees of the Salem County Improvement Authority.

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