RE: Giordano Vineland Scrap Metal, LLC
Application For Inclusion In The Salem County District Solid Waste Management Plan

Thank you for you inquiry regarding the application filed by Giordano Vineland Scrap Metal, LLC (“Giordano”).  Giordano is proposing to construct a facility consisting of a Transfer Station/ Material Recovery Facility (TS/MRF), Single Stream Class A, and Class B Recycling Center (the “Facility”), on Landis and Gershal Avenue, in Pittsgrove Township.  Their application seeks inclusion of their facility in the Salem County Solid Waste Management Plan (the “Plan”).  The initial review of the application will be before the Salem County Solid Waste Advisory Council (“SWAC”), which will conduct a public hearing and make recommendations to the Salem County Board of Commissioners (“SCBC”).  The SWAC is in the process of scheduling a date within the next 60 days for the public hearing, which will be subject to notice to the public and surrounding property owners in accordance with the Solid Waste Management Act, N.J.S.A. 13:1E-1 et seq.

The ultimate decision of whether to include Giordano’s Facility in the Plan rests with the SCBC.  After receiving the recommendation of the SWAC, the SCBC will schedule a public hearing to consider Giordano’s plan inclusion request.

The full application is on file with the Salem County Improvement Authority and can be reviewed by emailing Florence Beckett at .

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