Download Full Request for Proposal Document and Form PDF

Position and Term: The Salem County Improvement Authority requests proposals from New Jersey attorneys or law firms interested in serving in the position of Bond Counsel commencing upon appointment and serving until the next reorganization meeting of the SCIA. In accordance with N.J.A.C. 40A:11-15 Local Public Contracts Laws limits the award of professional service contracts to a maximum of 12 months.

Fair and Open Process: These proposals are being solicited through a fair and open process in accordance with N.J.S.A. 19:44A-20.5. Applicants who meet the minimum requirements for the position as set forth below and are willing to provide the described services for the disclosed compensation shall be evaluated based on cost and other factors, such as experience, reputation, knowledge, qualifications, availability, and resources, as set forth in the criteria described below.

Proposal Submission: To be considered, applicants must submit one (1) original, signed CLEARLY marked as the “ORIGINAL” and one (1) full, complete and exact copy of each proposal in a sealed envelope and must be marked with the words “AUTHORITY-BOND COUNSEL”. Proposals are to be submitted on or before 1:00 pm on Thursday, January 20, 2022, to:

Julie Acton
Executive Director
Salem County Improvement Authority
286 Welchville Road, P.O. Box 890
Alloway, New Jersey 08001

Proposals will be publicly opened and announced by the Executive Director on Thursday, January 20, 2022, starting at 1:00 pm in the Landfill Office, 286 Welchville Road, Alloway Township, New Jersey. Responses will not be accepted by fax or email.

All documents and information submitted in response to this solicitation shall be available to the public as required by the New Jersey Open Public Records Act N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1 et. sec. The Authority shall not be responsible for any costs associated with the 2 oral or written and/or presentation of the proposals. The Authority reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, with or without cause, and waive any irregularities or informalities in the proposals. The Authority further reserves the right to make such investigations as it deems necessary as to the qualifications of any and all vendors submitting proposals. If all proposals are rejected, the Authority reserves the right to resolicit proposals.