Bid Addendum: Date: 3/15/2019

This addendum modifies the conditions of the BID as follows:

  1. Revision pg. 8, section 22 – Insurance
    Environmental Impairment Coverage shall not be required of the successful vendor.

    1. If your bid has not been mailed, substitute the pages marked REVISED and mail entire bid package. REMEMBER TO SIGN THE BIDDER QUALIFICATION FORM.
    2. If your bid has been mailed, sign and return this addendum form with the revised pages by the time and date indicated on the revised Bidder Qualification form. BY SIGNING THIS ADDENDUM, THE VENDOR AGREES TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CONTAINED IN THE BIDDER QUALIFICATION FORM AND ALL RELATED BID DOCUMENTS.

I acknowledge receipt of Addendum Number 1.

For full specs, and signature form please refer to this PDF – 2019 Bid – Daily Cover Material